9 Common Diet Mistakes

While many people think that weight loss will be healthy, they may prefer not healthy methods. However, some nutritional mistakes can cause weight loss but may cause permanent damage to the body or cause weight gain. The most common diet mistakes for being skinny can be listed as follows:

1. Skipping Meals

Many people are making a mistake to skip meals. In particular, the breakfast meal is skipped. Many people have a sense of being skinny and losing weight when the meals are skipped. However, this is a misunderstood sense. Although it may seem to lose weight for a while, the metabolism slows down and stops because of there are fewer calories than required. When metabolism stops, the weight loss rate slows down or weight starts.

In the beginning of diet, weight is lost quickly by skipping meals, but at the end of two months, weight loss stops completely. This time people start the new diets to confuse the body, but this does not bring permanent weight loss, in contrast, they get weight gain as double.

2. Weight Loss by Leaving to Eat Bread

Generally, there is a perception that weight loss will be lost by non-carbohydrate diets and this is a false perception. Cutting carbohydrates completely leads people to sugary foods and pastry products. The biggest mistake made in this sense is to remove the bread completely from the life. The ingredients in the bread provide the secretion of happiness hormone.

When the bread is cut, you think that you feel hungry. When nutrients such as bulgur, buckwheat and pasta are removed from the diet, there is a feeling of unhappiness and the tendency towards sugar foods increases. When dieting, carbohydrates and bread which is one of the most important should not leave.

At this stage, people should try to choose the right carbohydrate. They should choose whole wheat bread instead of white bread; bulgur should be preferred instead of rice.

3. Consuming Pastry

Pastry products such as bagel and croissant, which are consumed every day, harm the body and cause gain weight. One piece of bagel can be consumed as a small calorie between 250 and 450 calories, but it should not be made permanent.

A piece of bread made from whole wheat flour will be both satisfying and will help to lose weight because the nutrients in its contents balance blood sugar.

The pastry products quickly increase blood sugar, reduce it quickly and increase the feeling of hunger. If you want to eat the pastry products, half a bagel for breakfast could be consumed instead of two slices of bread.

4. Not Drinking Water for Edema

Some people do not want to drink much water, they think that drinking water is causing edema. But this is a wrong perception. On the contrary, it is necessary to drink water to remove the edema. Drink 30 ml of water per kilogram. That is, a person weighing 60 kg should consume 1.8 liters of water per day.

In cold weather, the body that does not sweat has more edema. Therefore, water consumption should be increased in cold weather. Inadequate water intake slows down both digestive system and metabolism If daily consumption of water is less than daily amount of body need, tea or coffee consumption is high, that causes the body dehydrated, slows downs the metabolism.

5. Shock Diets

Shock diets can be applied occasionally but should not be done continuously. Every person has the amount of carbohydrate, fat, protein, minerals and vitamins that should be taken every day. If individuals take less food than they should take for a long time, the body stops.

Shock diets should never be applied more than two days. The purpose of shock diets is to confuse the metabolism if the weight loss process stops. Long term shock diets should not be applied.

6. Portions and Cooking Methods without Paying Attention

Many people do not pay attention for the portion. Diet recipes usually include plenty of salads. But this plenty salad concept should be in the amount of a bowl. For example, if you eat half a kilo of tomatoes called plenty of salads, you gain weight, if one piece of tomato is consumed, you lose weight.

If there is red meat in the diet, this must be grilled. Particularly in fruits and nuts, portion control is not possible.

7. Drinking Diet Beverages without Limitation

Studies show that acidic diet drinks can be harmful. Such drinks can be consumed once or twice a week, if not every day. Acidic beverages can also harm the body. However, if a person feels the need for acidic beverages, a soda, lemon and cinnamon trio can be offered. This suppresses both the acidic beverage request and the blood sugar balance with cinnamon.

8. Trying to Weight Loss with Diet Products

One pack of dietary biscuits calories can equal one piece of chocolate calories. In diet products, portion control should be provided and should never be consumed much. It is better to consume normal yogurt than fruit yogurt.

9. One Type of Diet

One type of diet which causes insufficient and unbalanced nutrition should be avoided. Only protein, only carbohydrates, only soups or only vegetables of diet consumed can quickly lose weight in a short period of time, but their damage to the body becomes widely.

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