Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Stages

Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Early diagnosis of breast cancer is very important. In early diagnosed breast cancer, the treatment is very easy and the chances of success are very high.

For example, the chance of success in breast cancer diagnosed in Stage 0 and the probability of non-repeating the disease is 96%. The success rate in Stage I is 93% and in Stage II it is 85%. Every woman should recognize her breasts from the age of 20, have regular monthly check-ups and follow-up of mammography from the age of 40.

8 out of every 10 breast lumps in the breast are benign; that is not cancer. Most of them are non-cancerous masses called fibroadenoma or cyst seen at young ages and fibrocystic masses found in middle ages.

f the mass in the breast is painful or painless, this does not mean cancer. However, when a different mass in the breast is felt, it is absolutely necessary to consult a doctor.

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