How to Reach Ideal Body Weight

Gaining body weight, obesity problem has been a shortage of everyone in recent days.

Especially children are a high-risk group and a dangerous future is waiting for them as well. Being overweight triggers many metabolic diseases. The main reason for weight gain is the wrong diet and our habits. Consuming more portions of each food and constantly taking route to junk food, a sedentary lifestyle, a stressful life lead people to gain weight. It is a common mistake to be happy by eating and to fill your leisure time with dessert and eating activities.

Junk-food, fast-food consumption and sedentary lifestyle in children, malnutrition and sedentary office style and work environments after 30 years of age in adults make the situation chronic and keep people away from their ideal weight. Once you start to gain weight, if you are not conscious, you can gain weight again even if you fall to your ideal weight. Continuous weight gaining and losing the effect of what we call yo-yo diets and causes much fat to be stored.

Yo-yo diet: The Yo-yo diet consists of two steps as one restricted eating and one excessive eating. This diet, which greatly reduces weight in a short time, does not benefit in the long term. Yo-yo diet is a type of diet that aims to lose weight by confusing the body.

Being more than ideal weight is harmful and it is dangerous to be less than the ideal weight. If your child is very weak and does not consume the nutrients child needs to take, growth retardation may occur. When a child has inadequate nutrition, weakness, vitamin and mineral deficiencies will also be seen. In this case, your child may have difficulty concentrating, carelessness, weakness and unwillingness. If this case becomes chronic, it can even cause depression and even cause the child to fail in lessons. At the same time, if the immune system is weakened, it can be caught frequently.

Weakness, weak immune system and tiredness due to vitamin and mineral deficiency may occur in adults that are less than the ideal weight. Either being more or less than ideal weight is a dangerous situation.

How should meal plan be to reach the ideal body weight?

To gain weight, you can consume lots of healthy nuts. Walnuts, almonds, nuts, such as nuts that contain healthy oils for our body.

Milk, cheese, eggs, meat, yogurt, such as muscle-enhancing foods every day, plenty of low-fat ones and you can choose without frying. For main meals, you should take both meat and complex carbohydrates together. You should consume foods such as bulgur, whole wheat pasta with meats.

You can consume plenty of dried fruits in snacks. Especially dried figs and dried mulberries have rich calorie and can be consumed with milk or yogurt in snacks to increase calories and help to gain weight.

Blood-making and appetizing mixes such as tahini-molasses can be consumed at breakfast meals.

With meals, water, salads, soup consumption can be reduced and you can gain weight with foods that are more calorie and take up less space in the stomach.

ideal weight - fat weight - calculate your weight

Calculate Your Ideal Weight

The ideal weight calculation formula for women is as follows:

45,5 + 2,3 x ( (Height(cm)/2,54) – 60)

The ideal weight calculation formula for men is as follows:

50 + 2,3 X ( (Height(cm)/2,54) – 60)

The advantages of being the ideal weight

If your body weight is at an ideal level, you will feel more fit and dynamic.

You have a lower risk of getting sick and your immune system is stronger.

You also don’t have learning and concentration difficulties.

The disadvantages of not being at the ideal weight are

If your body weight is more or less than it should be, you have a higher risk of developing diseases.

You may often experience complaints such as weakness, fatigue, headache, constipation, forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating.

It is not healthy to have a rapid increase or decrease in weight in order to achieve an ideal weight.


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